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Quist September Newsletter

Hello, Welcome to Fall! Here’s our latest viewpoints and an event about corporate structure strategy you won’t want to miss:

As we move into the last quarter of 2020, the Alphabet Soup of recovery predictions remains — how do your scenarios align?

As we continue to work through the effects of the pandemic, it’s clear that the duration of the coronavirus recession will only be obvious in hindsight.

Previously, recessions and recoveries have followed four common shapes: V, U, W and L. This “alphabet soup” of letters describe the trajectory of GDP, employment and other key metrics tracking economic conditions.

The good news: recessions do not last forever, and neither will this one.

Scenario planning is critical, no matter what the “letter” of recovery looks like.

Contact the Quist Valuation team if you’d like additional insights at hall@quistvaluation.com.

DEEN Event

Learning the Ins & Outs of Limited Liability Entities

Tuesday, September 15th,
5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

  • General overview and importance of limited liability entities
  • Potential pitfalls when not using limited liability entities
  • How to protect yourself even if you have formed a limited liability company

Click here if you’d like to book a conversation with our expert team about any of these topics, or have other questions for us.


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