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Quist August Newsletter

Hello, here’s news and updates from the Quist team —

What will the U.S. recovery look like? There’s an alphabet soup of shapes to consider: V, W, U, L or a Nike swoosh?

Important to consider is that no matter which scenario ultimately emerges, the economic cost of the coronavirus will be unprecedented.

The impact to GDP between a scenario in which the US economy returns to pre-crisis levels in late 2020 or early 2021 (Scenario A3 – a “V-shaped” recovery) and one in which the virus recurs and there is structural damage to the economy (Scenario A1 – a “Swoosh”) could be as high as $15 trillion to $20 trillion globally, with more than $5 trillion lost in the United States.

Click below to learn more about what each of the recovery scenarios means:

More info on the treatment of PPP loans on valuation can be found on our blog here:

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