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  • What Does Each of the Recovery Scenarios Mean?

      August 13, 2020     Uncategorized

    On June 8th, The National Bureau of Economic Research¬†(NBER) officially declared a recession, noting that the U.S. economy had fallen into contraction starting in February 2020. This marks the first U.S. recession since the Great Recession, which began in December […]
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  • How to Account for Forgivable PPP Loan Proceeds

      August 13, 2020     Uncategorized

    The first thing you want to consider is what basis of accounting is being used for your financials; cash or accrual basis or GAAP. A lot more nuance, interpretation, application of standards applies if the financials are on the GAAP basis. Cash or […]
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  • Quist July Newsletter

      July 13, 2020     Uncategorized

    Hello , let’s jump right in to our second newsletter of the summer! Valuations In COVID Times The onset of COVID-19 has had a significant impact on capital markets, driving increased market volatility. There are many new considerations when applying […]
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  • How to value a company in the era of COVID-19?

      June 30, 2020     Uncategorized

    We are often asked by clients, what valuation methodologies should be considered in the era of COVID-19? There is no silver bullet answer to this question. Given the significant impact on capital markets and increased market volatility, a business appraiser […]
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