Governance, Strategy, KPIs and Valuation

Strategy and Risk Management Top the Priority List for Board Focus

With a volatile economic and geopolitical landscape, the accelerating speed of technology change, and competitive disruption, governance is more critical than ever to success. The spotlight on corporate directors continues to intensify as regulators and investors scrutinize the board’s contribution to strategy, risk, and compliance.

This paper explores ways to create shareholder value, including the importance of early involvement in key discussions in the boardroom, as well as the need for proactive communication and engagement with shareholders and other key stakeholders. Key topics include:

  • Financial and nonfinancial KPIs
  • Board make up, including diversity and women on boards
  • Board and C-Suite succession planning
  • Strategy, growth and innovation
  • Oversight, audit and reporting
  • Compliance, ethics and fraud
  • Crisis readiness
  • Shareholder engagement
  • Data privacy and security
  • People, culture and tone
  • Environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations
  • Private and family-owned businesses
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