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Quist Valuation Plugs Into Electric Vehicle Market

The Quist team has been working with companies in the Electric Vehicle industry recently; here is a look at one of those organizations, and a view of how our engagement with them assisted with their expansion opportunity.

Endera Motors, an end to end electric commercial vehicle and charging network supplier based in California, engaged Quist to perform a valuation in order to raise capital to facilitate the building of needed infrastructure to meet growing demand and a robust pipeline of orders.

A booming sector for 2021 and beyond, the Electric Vehicle Market is segmented by vehicle type (passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle), drivetrain technology (battery electric vehicle, plug-in electric vehicle, fuel cell electric vehicle, and hybrid electric vehicle), charging type (normal charging and fast charging), and geography. The EV market is expected to grow at an average annual growth rate of over 20 percent between 2019 – 2025.

Quist’s valuation covered Endera’s emerging market opportunities in the small fleet commercial vehicle segment, government policies and regulatory norms, the competitive landscape, and the potential exit into a SPAC. This effort resulted in the Company successfully raising the much needed capital from investors.

For more information on our full service business valuation services, please email Alex Moeser, Business Development Representative, here.

November is here, and we’ve got many important issues AND events to cover. Let’s dig right in to what’s important this month:


Highlights from Women of M&A event featuring insights from Quist’s Victoria Hall:

Team member, Victoria Hall, recently presented to M&A leaders, discussing due diligence in current times. She covered a range of topics including economic recovery forecasting, growth rates and cost of capital, and the importance of scenario analysis. Click below to read the full blog post —

DEEN Event

Date: Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Time: 5:30 PM, MST

Where: Zoom Virtual Meeting

Master Key Profits

As a friend of the entrepreneur, we’re always seeking ways to give you the edge in building a business you can be proud of, and helping YOU succeed on your entrepreneurs’ journey…

Presented by Jason “Wally” Waldron. Join us to discover the path to:

• More high value customers for your business

• A stream of consistent, targeted leads to your business

• An additional $4,000 in sales in under 72 hours

• And more…

Rocky Mtn EPI Event

Date: Thursday, December 3, 2020

Time: 7:30 AM, MST

Where: Zoom Virtual Meeting

Join us for our annual Business Owner event to discuss what it takes to successfully exit from your businesses. Come hear the stories of your peers and learn the things they wish they had known earlier.

Quist Thanksgiving Poll

The Quist Team is so grateful for all our clients, partners and friends at this time of year. And since it’s “poll season,” we took an office poll to see what favorite dishes we love at the Thanksgiving table:

Click here if you’d like to book a conversation with our expert team, or have other questions for us.

Team member Victoria Hall recently presented to M&A leaders, discussing due diligence in current times. She covered a range of topics including economic recovery forecasting, the growth rate and cost of capital, and the importance of scenario analysis.

Victoria shared the following insights and observations:

• COVID-19 will impact the expected cash flows and growth of each
business uniquely

• Some businesses see large negative effect and some businesses see
moderate negative effect

• Majority of the impact is in the forecast

• Management should be focusing on projections in current valuations to
develop future expectations

• The average growth rate will go down while the cost of capital will rise

• The public companies’ multiples will have to be considered carefully and
further analyzed

Other participants shared a valuable information as well.

Here are a few of the highlights from:

Trish Renner, Managing Director at Robert W. Baird:

• Middle market has never been busier

• Public markets are disconnected from the private markets

• PE firms are really looking to deploy capital

• Financing markets are strong

• Public valuations have recovered, and people have recently been paying premium multiples for businesses that they can get their arms around

Karen M. Wiltgen, Principal at RSM US LLP, pointed to:

• “What if” models and scenarios: companies should focus on new term cash flow, whether or not companies should furlough employees, how they can shift, etc.

• The portfolio companies and PE firms that could pivot to these “what if” models quickly were the ones that were able to adjust and pivot at a much faster rate than other that didn’t have those solutions in place

• What if model allowed companies to respond more quickly than others since they had the decisions at their fingertips

• Key considerations for PE:

• Portfolio cash flow, legislative relief, portfolio companies’ operations, managing active deals, the sale & valuation impact

• Companies that took a PPP loan are expecting to be audited 18 months-2 years down the road. These companies are looking for some assistance/oversight and are making sure paperwork is in place to maximize forgiveness

• Outsourcing will grow, data is increasingly more important, treatment of employees is also increasingly important due to COVID-19

If you want to learn more about these trends, feel free to reach out to Victoria Hall at Quist Valuation to receive further guidance.

Hello, Welcome to Fall! Here’s our latest viewpoints and an event about corporate structure strategy you won’t want to miss:

As we move into the last quarter of 2020, the Alphabet Soup of recovery predictions remains — how do your scenarios align?

As we continue to work through the effects of the pandemic, it’s clear that the duration of the coronavirus recession will only be obvious in hindsight.

Previously, recessions and recoveries have followed four common shapes: V, U, W and L. This “alphabet soup” of letters describe the trajectory of GDP, employment and other key metrics tracking economic conditions.

The good news: recessions do not last forever, and neither will this one.

Scenario planning is critical, no matter what the “letter” of recovery looks like.

Contact the Quist Valuation team if you’d like additional insights at hall@quistvaluation.com.

DEEN Event

Learning the Ins & Outs of Limited Liability Entities

Tuesday, September 15th,
5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

  • General overview and importance of limited liability entities
  • Potential pitfalls when not using limited liability entities
  • How to protect yourself even if you have formed a limited liability company

Click here if you’d like to book a conversation with our expert team about any of these topics, or have other questions for us.