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Assembling Your Team for a Successful Transaction

GoldGearsA merger or acquisition is a big deal for any company. So how do you ensure that your transaction is a success from start to finish?

The first step of ensuring a successful transaction is to assemble the right team that will help you see the process through from step one to closing and integration. Many business owners don’t start thinking about their team of advisors until the eve of their sale.


First, because you’ve worked hard building your business, leading the company through economic ups and downs, developing your clients into raving fans and grooming dedicated employees. However, so many times preparing for a transaction forces you to take your eye off the ball. There are so many things to think about other than the value drivers of your business:

  • Who is the most likely buyer for my company? Will they be a strategic buyer or financial buyer? Or, should I sell my business to key members of management?
  • What is the tax implication on the consideration paid?
  • What is the tax implication of the transaction for me personally?
  • How much wealth do I really need to retire in the lifestyle I desire?
  • Are all of the company’s licensed and unlicensed software property properly accounted for?

Second, many business owners will be facing intense competition in trying to get there businesses sold:

As Boomers rapidly move toward retirement, supply will outpace demand. This will eventually drive down valuations and give new leverage to buyers.

Does a go alone strategy work? Sellers will be tempted to enjoy a “do yourself” strategy to save money, but you can’t successfully complete a transaction alone. Business owners who choose to represent themselves in what conceivably could result in the largest check they will ever receive are asking for trouble.


Investment Banker/
Transaction Advisor
Identify potential buyers and negotiate economic terms and conditions of the deal.
Transaction Attorney Prepare legal documents and provide counsel.
Business Valuation Specialist Identify core competencies, understand value drivers and determine primary methods of valuation.
Personal Wealth Advisor and Estate Attorney Identify retirement goals and assist with the transfer of business interests to protect and preserve wealth.
CPA Ensure financial integrity.
Tax Specialist Advise on tax implications of deal structure on the purchase consideration.
Insurance Advisor Advise on current and future risks.
Existing Banker The logical lender for a buyer if financing is required.
IT Specialist Document licensed and unlicensed software property, technology and trade names.

At Quist, we work with business owners across the full lifecycle of their businesses, from start-up stage through growth to eventual exit. We understand the leverage a strong team can bring to any transaction and strive to be an integral team member for our clients. Quist’s services can be leveraged on the front end of a transaction by assisting management in identifying key financial metrics and value drivers of a business, and in understanding market valuations. Quist’s services can also be leveraged on the back end by assisting eventual acquirers with purchase price allocations.


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