Strategic ValuationsFor many businesses, strategic valuations are an important tool for gaining and maintaining competitive advantages. Not only can a strategic valuation of your business provide you with a road map of the position of your company in its industry, but it can also form part of a management plan to help your business gain the competitive edge it needs.

At Quist, we assist management in identifying the key drivers of their business. We take the time to sit down with key members of management to help understand the strengths and weaknesses of their business as well as the opportunities and risk that they face each day. Understanding how sensitive their company’s growth and profitability are to changes in these factors, can help management understand where to dedicate their focus and resources.


Whether a strategic valuation is appropriate for your company depends on a number of factors. The entrance of new players into your business’s industry is oftentimes a good reason to seek out a strategic valuation, especially if these new players have a competitive edge over current ones.


The positioning of new players in your business’s industry may also affect whether or not a strategic valuation is right for your company. If new players have a new or unusual position on the value chain, a strategic valuation can help you determine if your business needs to change with the times.


If new market prices are emerging across segments of the value chain, a strategic valuation can help you determine why and help you determine how to react to this change. A strategic valuation can help you predict how adopting these new market prices would affect your business.

A strategic valuation can help your business adapt its strategies, structure, and practices to changing markets. Adaptability and sound strategy are two of the keys to success in today’s constantly shifting economic climate. Quist can help your business prepare for and adapt to change successfully.

Contact us to find out more about strategic valuations and other tools we can provide your business to help it not just survive, but thrive.

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